Thursday, October 8, 2009

TREND ALERT!!!! Say Hey to Grey!" A Sneak Peek at Anita's Shopping List..

By: Anita Hill

PhotobucketThis season's hot color is a nice cool grey. It seems you can find grey everything these days......handbags, shoes, jeans, you name it. I just love grey because it is such a neutral color. It can be used to substitute your traditional basic fall colors such as black and brown. Also, you can wear it with bright colors like hot pink, lime green, and turquoise. Grey is a great way to update your look and it adds the perfect touch to today's 80's inspired look......So, with that being said... I have added the following to my must-have shopping list this week.

1. A grey leatherette motorcycle jacket* ( available at Jimmy Jazz for only $36.00)

2. A pair of grey suede over-the-knee boots*

3. A medium to over-sized grey handbag*

4. And Anything thing else I see that I'd just die for, if I don't have it in my life!

*NOTE: These items are to be used to mix and match and are not to be worn all together, this will be definite overkill.

Well ladies, happy grey hunting!......As for me, I'm headed to the mall to begin my scavenger hunt, right now!

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