Monday, October 5, 2009

A Men's Guide For First Date Fashion...

What In The World Should I Wear On This First Date??

By Contributing Writer:
Kendrick Scott

I know the first question that we ask ourselves after a date has been set is “What In The World Should I Wear”?? Many factors weigh in on this SO expressive question for oneself.

What Type Of Date Are We Going On?

Casual dinner: I don’t know about you guys but I believe this has to be the most common first date of choice. A chain restaurant, neighborhood sandwich shop, and coffee shops just to name a few. You shouldn’t overdue it with a suit or a tuxedo Lol. Try a polo shirt or even a t-shirt, denims or khakis and a pair of sneakers.

Fine Dining Restaurant: A fine dining restaurant on a first date is surely a way to show your first date that you like the “finer” things in life. A chic suit with a tie would be a great choice. To add the ultimate kick, put on those cufflinks. A pair of well buffed dressed shoes and appropriate socks (no football socks) should cover the footwear.

A Night Out On The Town: A night on the town is one of my favorites for the first date. Going from bar to bar or just cruising the city street could be an adventurous first date. A cool sports coat, button up shirt with a couple buttons unbuttoned, form fitting pants (no size 40 when you actually wear a size 36) and a pair of comfortable loafers should make it complete.

"Remember all that glitter isn’t gold and DO NOT go overboard doing something that’s out of your comfort zone. Whatever fashion choice you make “Wear It and Wear It Like You Own The Night”.

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Anonymous said...

Exactly,I try to dress as comfortable as possible, stylish but laid back,pulling out your best outfit seems to desperate,Polo either short sleeve or long should be very suitable to the the "fly" individual