Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Recreation of The Live Mechanics...

By Contributing Writer Ken Scott

I know many of you guys can wait for the winter weather to come along so that you can go shopping for that winter gear. Winter is my favorite season for fashion. We get to wear those scarf and beanie sets, Timberland boots, pea coats, flannels, bomber jackets and the list goes on. As you go on your journey to find the right winter fix, you must definitely have to look out for the Live Mechanics winter collection.

Created by Osa Odiase in 2000, the brand started of by printing t-shirts and sweatshirts to pretty much build a strong following in its home based state California. As time moved forward so along did the brand. These guys have done a remarkable job of reinventing their brand from mainly creating graphic tees into a full scale clothing line.

Take a look at this amazing 2009 Fall/Winter Collection.

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Rescue Woven

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M65 Perf Leather

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Task Force Bombe

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Boot Camp Cardigan

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Boot Camp Cardigan-Black

As you have just viewed some of the hot items by Live Mechanics, hopefully I have taken some weight off you guys shoulders. Enjoy this winter weather fellas because I know I will!

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