Sunday, July 11, 2010

Throw Your "Stunna" Shades On!......

By Kesha Denise of Funky Flair Boutique

For those of you who are clueless to what im speaking of, SUNGLASSES! Hello!

With the summer season amongst us and the sun beaming oh so bright, you must wear the haute shades to protect your eyes (of course!) and to stay fabulously fly while doing so.

Sunglasses are the “IT” must-have accessory and there are several trends to choose from:

·         Fun -Graphics like tie-dye or anything colorful and playful    
·         Bold -Two-tone combos accent any look        
·         Sophistication -Frames that are cream, mocha, or tan

So whether your “Stunna Shades” are pricey (Chloe, Tory Burch) or not so pricey (Forever 21, Urban Outfitters), make sure you choose a pair that is absolutely and without a doubt EYE POPPING! 

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Attention All Sexy Ladies in the City.... A Wonderful Discovery!

by Anita F. Hill

I have great news....The bridge to the world of All Things Fabulous has finally become much more accessible!  We all love the very fashion-savvy ladies on SEX AND THE CITY don't we?....And we mostly love them because of their wardrobes, right!  Well, what if I told you that you can AFFORDABLY dress just like them for a day! 

Okay, so recently I was driving to work listening to my favorite morning show, The Bert Show on Q-100, and it just so happened that I tuned in just in time to catch Ms. Shopping Diva herself, Jessica of Jessica Shops!   Every Friday, Jessica does this shopping segment and informs listeners all about all of the great shopping deals around the city.  Well, anyway she found this AWESOME website called  I know, you're like, huh?  But, yes, on this website you can do exactly that.... Rent the Runway!  You may have heard of this sort of thing before, where instead of you having to forfeit your life savings for that dress of your dreams, you can just rent it at a much more affordable rate and be glamorous for a night!  Well, this website is along the same lines, but with a TWIST!....Not only can you rent the dress of your dreams, but they have now added a new SEX AND THE CITY collection!  Just go to the website and click under Occasions and there it is.... the SATC collection with the four fashion diva's themselves:
 Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha! 

You can then, pick the character that most fits your style, then a wonderful array of fashion heaven pops up on the screen with several options to choose from, complete with recommended accessories and all!  COOL!  It's like borrowing an outfit from some of the most fashionable women on the tv screen!  All you have to do is pick the ensemble you like the best, and it will be delivered to your doorstep for as low as $50 per night for up to 4 nights!  And after you have attended your event in your show-stopping outfit, all you have to do is pack it up and send it back! You don't even have to worry about dry cleaning or anything!  So, instead of spending $500 for the dress of your dreams, that you will probably never wear again, you can just pay $50 and be absolutely GORGEOUS

  For a preview of what awaits you, check out some of my fav's below:

Carrie Style
$50 Rental, $325.00 Retail

Charlotte Style
$50 Rental, $350 Retail

Miranda Style
$75 Rental, $450 Retail

Samantha Style
$50 Rental, $400 Retail

"I cannot WAIT for my next event!  See ya ladies... Oh, and just call me, Miranda! "  LOL!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Come celebrate with Consignment cousin Vintage.....

By Constributing Writer Keren Charles

Now ya'll know I love consignment & thrift shopping. There is no better feeling than scoring a great fashion find without having to break the bank.

But one husband & wife team, Bianca & Bailey have shared their love for retro clothing via their online directory Consignment cousin Vintage (CcV). This website  is your one-stop source for thrift, consignment & vintage stores in the Atlanta area.

On Saturday, July 10, 2010, 6pm they will celebrate the one year anniversary of CcV with a Networking Mixer at the Colors of Wine, 2355 Cumberland Pkwy, In Atlanta. Attendees will have a chance to mix & mingle with resale store owners, fashion lovers & local stylists. Plus enjoy a Free Wine Tasting & raffle drawing for a wine basket.

"I want those who love second had shopping to come & celebrate a website that rejoices in being a beacon of guiding light to Atlanta's hidden resale clothing & furniture stores." Bianca said. " These stores have some wonderful finds and they need to be celebrated over wine"..

Please RSVP by July 9th at