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What's Hot About Rita Ora...

When you see her you're like she must be a star... Her edgy style and pretty face changed the game in the pop music world.. Rita Ora is Hot and we love the way she exudes confidence at such the tender age of 21... Many compare her to Rihanna but we all can see there's no comparison. The Konovo-born Brit singer has made chart history and is keeping us intrigued... Not only does she sing but she is signed to a modeling agency but clearly we see where she's shining... Signed to Roc Nation, her debut U.S Single "How We do (Party)" has  unleash her street beats and fun dance tunes.. Pop music is being recognized more and more these days and why not add a new "Ora" to mix? She's what we call Hot, Fun, with a whole lot of Edge.... There's Nothing graceful about Rita .. And we absolutely love it..

Saturday, September 1st , 2012

Celeb Chronicles- Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland is absolutely one of those chicks that you can't help but love.. A long way from her Destiny Child days, Ms. Rowland has blossomed into what we call a Style Maven. 
The look she inspires is simple yet fun with a tomboy cargo pant, blended pink, neon heel & white tee to top this look off.. 
Not only do we love this look but we just love Kelly and look forward to see where her fashion sense leads for the months to come... 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Celeb Chronicles

Antonique Smith & The Mysterious Gown...

Ok, I ran across this pic of Antonique Smith ..You might know her from the Biggie Smalls "Notorious" film where she played the role of Faith Evans whom she claims to be good friends with since taping the movie..

But I have to change lanes for a second.. DO YOU SEE THIS GOWN??  My jaw dropped... Gorgeous, Just Gorgeous... I've searched and searched online everywhere to locate info of the designer.. Nada!!

Just thought I'd share and if anyone knows who the designer is please share the info..
Fab Chick Indeed...


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