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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Beauty Bar- My Natural High..

I've been dibbling & dabbling with the whole natural look..And I have to admit, I actually like it.. I wasn't sure if would be "my thing" but its been an easy transition... 

I was slowly growing out my relaxer for the past 3 years between getting sew-in's to grow my hair out from the short bob I had and decided why the hell not.... GO NATURAL... Wha la... Here's the look....

 I love how I can go between the curly to straight look without all the chemicals involved.. Since making the transition my hair has been bouncy, shiny and full of volume than I've ever had..
Oh and yes, If you're wondering that is a spider on my 
Products...For those of you wondering what products I used to get the look... Check it out below.

The image is a bit blurry but here's what I used... 
Shea moisture shampoo & curl enhancer smoothie

(the orange bottles) are a must have... I bought them from Walgreen for 10 dollars a bottle..  This product has sweet smell and it keeps your hair well conditioned and moist..

Organic Coconut Oil- 
Coconut oil  helps lock the curl and adds shine to your hair. You  easily can purchase this product at Whole Foods for about 7 bucks.

And finally the infamous 
Miss Jessie Products...
Ok, I ordered samples of this product just to see if it was worth the price and have only used the curly pudding and meringue once.. I'll keep you posted, still not fully convinced.. lol... But it did keep my hair tamed but the Shea moisture products locked my curl better..

From Curly To Straight...

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Meet Kim Roxie Of Lamik Beauty Line This WEEKEND...

For all you make-up heads... Kim Roxie will be at Southlake Mall this weekend featuring her line to the new location.. The CAU graduate launched Lamik a few years back and is doing extremely well.. I'm so amazed because I had the pleasure of meeting her a while back and so proud to see how well the line is doing... And might I add, Ms. Roxie looks great and its no surprise..

Any who, this Eco-Chic Makeup Line follows a mantra that reveals "Beauty is Revealed, Not Applied".Don't you just love that?  So check out this event and support this chick cause Kim Roxie Rocks!!!!

Lamik Beauty Line Launch
1000 Southlake Mall
Morrow, Georgia 30260
August 25th 1-5pm 

Check us out below, Wow, look how short my hair was... read full article review here
Make Up Courtesy of Lamik Beauty Line..

Until Next Time...

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