Friday, October 16, 2009

It's a Tight Situation.......

By Kesha Denise of Funky Flair Boutique

Babes and Dolls, I know you all absolutely love the legging as it’s very comfortable and quite edgy, but there is an alternative trend – TIGHTS!

For the Fall/Winter Season, opaque tights are feminine, stylish, and chic and are a must have for your wardrobe as they can enhance legs (like the America’s Top Model you are!) and give you a sexy yet classic look.

Tights are fabulous and versatile as they can be worn with tons of different looks! Here’s a few tips to rip your runway at work, happy hour with the girls, date with the beau, etc:

  • Try them with a sweater dress or a (denim) mini skirt. Talk about hotness!! Try it with black opaque tights with cute ankle boots
  • Colors & Shoes. Remember that if you rock brightly colored opaque tights, keep the rest of your outfit simple, by wearing your tights with flats or heels in the same color,your legs look a mile long!
  • Remember: Opaque, not semi opaque! There IS a difference. Opaque is hot this season, while semi-opaque tights just look dated and are also much less slimming for your legs.

Ok Divas, walk to your closet and pull out that dress you haven’t worn in awhile and “jazz it up” with your tights. I guarantee it will look like a different outfit. If you still don’t understand, peep out these pictures of celebrity Solange Knowles; her fashion sense is BANANAS! I heart her.

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As always stay fabulously fly!



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