Sunday, October 25, 2009


Deeply Rooted Apparel is the next best thing.. These inspirational tees are uber chic with a meaning.."Born of the desire to find an approachable method to reach young women & men, Deeply Rooted Apparel has burst on the fashion scene as a hip, stylish, fashion savvy apparel line which confidently, yet gently speaks of the presence, peace and pursuit of God’s love in this life".

Whether you're a religious person or not you will be caught dead in your tracks with head turns & compliments on where you purchased your deeplyrooted tee..

"Deeply Rooted Apparel is a bold and subtly confident alternative to the expressive, (and at times offensive), novelty tees in today’s marketplace".

Based in the West Coast, I'm am pleased to say you can easily purchase a tee from their website


Log on to to purchase online.

Deeply Rooted Apparel

“HIS Word. Your Style.”

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