Sunday, January 10, 2010

Let Kim Kardashian "ShoeDazzle" You, boo!......

By Kesha Denise of Funky Flair Boutique

A lot of people think that Kim Kardashinan is nothing but a pretty face (which she is) whose claim to fame was being boo’d up with Ray J. NOT!

Kim Kardashian is one of the most fashionable celebrities in Hollywood. But before she became the “infamous” she was a fashion stylist and closet designer for years and has always felt that everyone could use a stylist to keep up with trends and fashion. She absolutely loves fashion and believes that wearing the perfect outfit makes every women feel special, so she opened DASH clothing boutique in Calabasas, California. And her newest baby is “ShoeDazzle” because she wants everyone to get red carpet treatment. is the business, yall! You pay a monthly fee of $39.95 and you have choice of 5 shoes to select from and then WAALAH! you get a pair of “cutie-pa-tootie” type shoes. If you don’t see a pair of shoes you like for the month, you can select the “Skip This Month” button and you will be not charged. It’s just that easy. I just signed up and waiting on my box to arrive! Yeah baby!

So step up your shoe game collection and pound the pavement in your fly stilettos, boots, or sandals with


Fa'Shun Groupie said...

Please let us know how the shoes turn out. I wrote about this a few months back and one of my readers said the quality of shoes were really cheap.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE ShoeDazzle - it's the greatest concept and the shoes are unbelievably fabulous.