Thursday, January 7, 2010

FANTASIA.. This might be your year to Shine!!!

So I'm flipping through my television during the Christmas holiday & I notice yet another celebrity has their own reality tv show.. (Sidebar thought, this has been the ongoing trend for celebs these days. Is this what making a dollar boils down to?)..But anyway guess who??? As if you already didn't know.. Song bird, Fantasia.. Interesting, you say.. Well, I say the show may actually be good.. It looks like VH1 gave her a slot & the premise of show will chronicle her life as a singer and single mother. Interesting enough to see.. The show premieres on January 11th @10pm...

Also, I can't forget about Atlanta's very own THE GLAM BAR which was featured in this issue of UPSCALE MAGAZINE.. Kudos to this salon as well as THE GARNER CIRCLE as its becoming one of the HOT SPOTS in ATL to get those DO's done!! page 56 is where its at..

The Glam Bar
244 Peters Street, Atlanta, GA 30313
(404) 521-0800

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