Sunday, December 13, 2009

What's the "Mane" Accessory!?!?!?

By Kesha Denise of Funky Flair Boutique

That’s right, you’ve guessed correctly – HAIR!

Whether short and pixie OR medium- length with waves or curls OR long and totally weaved out, Hair is a woman’s pride and glory and should be rocked accordingly. It’s such a topic of discussion that even comedian Chris Rock debuted a movie entitled “Good Hair” a few months back, which was very eye- opening for most and comical for others.

As with fashion, hair changes just as much ,so you MUST keep up with the trends. As a cosmetologist from the state of California, I am absolutely enamored with the hair industry – everything from the salon talk to enhancing a woman’s outward appearance, and of course the folks that come in selling any and everything from accessories, clothes, games for kids, you name it, the beauty salon will have it . LOL Its just something about the hair industry!

Well, the newest trend for the upcoming new year is COLOR! Not black or reds but warm, rich colors of brown. Caramel, mocha, walnut, cappuccino, or chocolate (why do I sound like I’m having a Starbucks moment) with added sprinkles of honey, bronze, or copper. You can have your trained colorist or hairstylist do highlights, lowlights, or the paneling or blocking technique, whatever tickles your fancy, this is the new “IT COLOR” for 2010. Trust me, you will have the glowy-golden look. Here’s a few celebs to show you how it should be done.


Eva Marcelle


Tyra Banks


Mariah Carey & Rihanna


Kandi Burgess


Melody Thorton

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