Monday, November 2, 2009

Couture Carnivale Recap.....

by Kesha Denise of Funky Flair Boutique

Many would think, if you seen one fashion show, you've seem them all - NOT!

On Thursday, October 22, 2009, I was an eye-witness to the HOTTEST fashion show- Couture Carnivale- which has booted all other shows off the roster.
The Couture Carnivale show was hosted by the "dope"Nikki Walker PR firm and founder Layla K of Haute.lanta Fashion Week and was located outside of the doors of Couture Inspirations Boutique in the Kirkwood District.

Let's get down to the recap, shall we......Photobucket

Clothes....FIERCE! The apparel was provided by Couture Inspirations and watching the garments come down the runway, I felt Paris, NYC, and LA all combined - triple threat! For the Winter season, the trend is tons of fur. Sidebar, stay tuned for my article on "Bundle Up" which talks about how to rock fur.






Models...provided by Layla K and can all the real models please stand up!? and they did and showed out! OMG! These girls were hot to def! Some of the baddest chicks I've seen rip an Atlanta runway in the 3 years I've been here. Their faces, their walks, their makeup - absolutely FABULOUS!

Mixing and mingling with music....FIRE! The attendees were the "Whose Who of Atlanta" from designers, boutique owners, publicists, bloggers and of course the fashion whores of the city.
As usual Nikki Walker did her thang (kudos doll face) and The Couture Carnivale was a specatcular night filled with fun and fashion galore and I dare other fashion shows to outdo this one, so in my best Cosby Show voice - CHALLENGE!

And shout-out out to for the photos! Muah.

As always, stay fabulously fly!
Kesha Denise

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Naima's Closet said...

Sounds so hot! Love the photos, hate I was absent!