Monday, June 21, 2010

Deal of the Week: "Who Say's You Can't Get 'Sasha' Fierce on a Dime?!"

by Anita F. Hill

HELLOO my fellow Recessionista's..... I know, we hear it all the time... "We're in a recession!" or "Our economy is at its worse, since The Great Depression."  It has all been going in one ear and out the other for me.  My attitude was....maybe America is in a recession, but Miss Anita is NOT a recession!  I was in some SERIOUS  denial!  

  For some reason everytime I turned around, there was some financial emergency that came along.  One after another. So, I stopped going to the mall, stopped following all the latest fashion trends, and stopped reading all of the latest glam magazines and blogs...along with all of the rest of the exciting things that go on in the wonderful world called Fashion.  So oneday I was down, I mean Really Down!    I figured.....what's the point in keeping up with all of it,  if I couldn't afford to go to the mall and splurge on all of the fabulosity that the mall had to offer?!?  So to cheer myself up, I did what I do best....I Decided to head back there out there and SHOP..(LOL!)  

Except this time, instead of going to the mall and drooling like a kid in a candy store with no money,  I went to visit my old friend, TJ, you guys may know him as
TJ Maxx. 

And OMGEE, look what I found:

Walaah!!!!!  Yes, it was love at first sight when I spotted these bad boys!!!... And to add the cherry on top, they were only $49.99!!!
........Much better than the Christian Louboutin's at Neiman Marcus for a whopping $825.00!!!

And since, it is a recession!!!,  I couldn't dare  purchase a pair of shoes and not even have anything to wear with it!

.... So I picked up with these Dereon jeans, also found at TJ Maxx, for only $20.00!!!!, paired it up with a $6.00 stretch tank top and a $3.90 necklace from Body Central, and completed my look with some earrings and gold chain belt I found laying around the house.

.....And now I'm ready for a night on the town to
"Shake my Deriere with my Dereon!!!!"  Uh, oh, oh, ohh, oh , oh, oh!

Later ladies.....and don't worry, I'll be back!!!! 
Smooches, GA Peaches!!!

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