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The Healthy Hair Architect, best known as Mimi, has been serving the Atlanta area for over 2 years. She offers her expertise on maintaining healthy, manageable hair care.. This "it girl" works magic when it comes to Styling & profiling...Since opening her doors, Mimi and her boutique has specialized in educating her clients on healthy hair habits while providing affordable products for home-care needs, which has been the formula for her success..

So with that being said, I'm delighted to have Mimi share a few helpful tips on
Hair Breakage vs Hair Loss...

Hair breakage is external and likely caused by home styling habits (i.e. ponytails, excessive heat, cotton). Hair loss is internal and is likely caused by stress, hormonal imbalance, medication and genetic pre-disposition.

The solution to the problem will depend on the cause. If all else fails you may need to get a physical to be certain all is well with your health. Once you know the cause of the loss it will be easier to address your particular needs. Some other causes of hair breakage are dryness, over processing from chemicals and color, over brushing and combing. There are a great number of women who have thinning hair. This condition can result from a number of contributing factors, some of which are the same as for hair loss and breakage (hormonal imbalance, medications, medical conditions, scalp infections, poor nutrition, stress, heredity, and excessive tension in hair styles. Keep in mind, hair loss can progress or advance, if left untreated.

Maintaining a healthy home regimen combined with proper treatment at your hair salon are your best chances of combating this problem."

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The Healthy Hair Architect, best known as Mimi, is a successful celebrity hair stylist. What Mimi does best is set trends, possessing over 10 years of experience working behind the scenes of some of today’s biggest names in music. In 2006, Mimi retired from music and business management and decided to parlay those connections into a new career as a stylist. Having worked with Lil Jon, David Banner, Lil Scrappy, Nik (from America’s Next Top Model) and more on the business management side, high profile clients found it easy to trust her direction when it came to imaging, concepts and design. Fast forward to present, Mimi continues to build her brand as the Healthy Hair Architect. Her portfolio includes the images of fitness guru, Donna Richardson, Kaira Akita, Lorielle Broussard, Hurricane Chris and more. Growing the Healthy Hair Architect brand never leaves Mimi with a dull moment. In addition to styling for her clients, she is a Design Essential Master Instructor and a devoted single mother of a busy four year old son. To keep up with her, learn healthy hair habits, see who’s in her chair or what side of the globe she is training stylist, follow her on twitter, at @hairbymimi. To schedule a consultation with Mimi, visit

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