Saturday, February 28, 2009


Last week Katy Perry rocked a Basil Soda design at the ECHO music awards in Berlin... And the reviews are raving about how sleek this Lebanese designer really is.. I'm impressed to see how well he structures his garments & the definition it entails.... It's seems as if he flourished overnight without fair warning... & I'm not at all complaining but really anxious to know the background behind the mastermind of all these HAUTE' Couture gowns...


He's Known for being one of the most popular Lebanese Couturiers of his generation & spent 15yrs working with tops designers before launching his own line..


Instantly, attracting an international clientele, it was bound for his designs to cross over to the states for celebs like Keyhsia Cole & Katy Perry who seem to love his label..


Basil's work embodies haute' Couture, meticulous cuts, bold fabrics, material & color all in mind of making the woman feel beautiful while playing dress up..


Ms. Smiley said...

I love the design on Ms. Perry, but i was not in love with the design given to Ms. Cole. Can i be her stylist, please?!

mtl7sa said...

You should see some of his early work. This man is briliant. It's sad that none of his old work is available for viewing on his website. Pure eye candy!

hmmmmm, i wonder how much it would cost to rent one of his dresses.