Tuesday, January 20, 2009


PhotobucketAre we happy or what that Barack has sworn in to take his crown?? FINALLY!!! I know I am...We all should be delighted & filled with joy to take part in such a monumental event.. Do ya thing Barack & make us proud..

Now let's route our focus on Michelle Obama's Isabel Toledo dress.. The 4o+ designer has been in the game for a minute but now all will take notice of other pieces she has to offer.... We've all anxiously waited to see which designer would have the privilege to grace Michelle's ensemble for the Inauguration Ceremony... it's now been revealed... Do we LOVE IT??? My views, it served it's purpose for an ELEGANT 1st lady & she looked flawless minus the ugly green pumps... The jeweled collar gave her that 60's, Jackie O effect!! OK Michelle, we see you...I look forward to what else she drags out her closet.. ohhh.. excuse me, what designer is fierce enough to have her flaunt their pieces next time around...

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DisgustedVogueReader said...

I cant believe liberal elite and medias are trying to make us swallow that this woman is NOT ugly and even material for FASHION !