Thursday, December 11, 2008


Last night I got a chance to catch up on my weekly dose of Stylista.. Although I'm not much of a fan.. I did see last night's episode..Honestly, I was a little disappointed that Ashlee got the boot!!! I thought she would hold it down till the end. Well... I guess that wasn't the case when Anne Slowey made her cut.. But I'm sure she'll be well rewarded later on..Get it Girl.. And I know we'll see you soon.. doing ya thing out there in FASHION LAND!!

So the final three remain... Ashlie, DyShaun & (Johanna, whom I hope to win).. While Johanna may be a virgin to the fashion biz... She definitely exudes personal style, passion & drive like she's been in the game for a minute..... I love the fact that she's hungry for fashion.. Don't U??? U gotta LOVE the motivation .. 28yrs and in her prime she is a perfect example that you can GET IT at any age...Hell, just like these teeny boppers out there..hehe

So for the sake of Johanna, I'll contribute my television rating to tune in to see when she takes the crown from Ashlie & DyShaun.. Yup, I sure will!!


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