Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I caught a glimpse of "The Hills" season finale last night.. Expecting this to be the final season.. Of course, Lauren surprises us with the return of the well craved reality show in the Spring... I'm not at all disappointed by this news.. But just really anxious to capture a taste of the spin off show with Whitney "The City".. Her being my favorite, I'm eager to see how well she adapts to my hometown, New York City... Because you know what they say.."If you can make it NYC, then you can make it anywhere"... & with a career working for Diane Von Furstenberg you betta believe she'll make her mark in "the city that never sleeps"..

Now, as for Lauren, I hear whispers about her launching her own clothing line... kudos for you girly.. I'm sure her garments will fly right off the racks.... With her unique sense of style, fashion just seems to run through her blood...
Audrina & Justin Bobby are hitting it off well..I guess he finally realized that Audrina is THE ONE & for some reason, I like those too together... "Whatever makes you happy girl" ...
AND Finally, Heidi & Spencer, all I can say for those two is.. "I can't wait to see what happens next season"...

Premieres December 29th at 10pm on MTV

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