Thursday, May 27, 2010


So...... I'm sitting in the theater anxiously waiting to watch what will probably be archived as one of the best fashion flicks in history. The ensembles these chicks rocked are to die for. How can one not drool at the impeccable style, my girl Carrie (btw, in my head, I'm her) has? Or how classic Charlotte is while the Sexy, Chic, Samantha threw a little of her spice at Miranda's way this time around.. Sex And The City 2 brought me back to the days I'd walk past Bryant Part and dream of how fashion lives behind those white tents. It brought me to a place of what fashion really means.. And YES labels play a big factor to the lifestyle but it's the life behind the label that makes it all worthwhile... You see, fashion comes from within and if you exude Style then it rolls right off you.. It shows how being yourself is ok as long as you do it "fashionably correct" in your own way!!!

This movie is a MUST see.. So grab your besties, rock the flyest outfit from your closet, with some killer pumps and head to the theaters because if you don't... You'll be sorry, wishing you would have listened to ya girl..Major Shout out to Liquid Soul Media for access to the pre-screen event.!!


Nreid said...

Another excellent article by SHC...and yes the movie was Great!!!

Adult Chat said...

The movie was Fantastic.Thank you SHC for incredible article.