Wednesday, July 1, 2009


As you know Atlanta is thriving to become one of the Hottest cities in Fashion.. From upcoming salons/boutiques to fierce models, Explore Fashions is the next generation to what's HAUTE in HOTLANTA...

"Explore Fashions is a full-service Fashion Media Company that uses online social networking as its platform. Their purpose is to Network through Fashion,” by creating a gateway for communication and relationships and ultimately bridging the gap between emerging and established fashion professionals".

The EF online community allows individuals to share & encourage self-promotion which gives them a free, legitimate avenue to promote their business to the fullest extent possible.

Along with their online community, EF also has two Publications, that features numerous fashion elites/products in the Industry.. Make sure you check out Explore Fashion Magazine & Imajin Fash, the next generation to WHAT'S HAUTE in the "A"... xoxo..S..

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