Thursday, July 30, 2009


Forever 21 has come a long way.. I remember a few years back when all these girly girl shops (579, Charlette Russe)emerged on the scene.. But Forever 21 has taken over & branded its mark on providing young chic attire for young girls & women young at heart across the nation...

Well, according to Stylebyme, the store has launched THE TWIST COLLECTION..The line will contain clothes with a whimsy twist, circus-inspired pieces, sassy dresses and cropped jackets.. Very Interesting... I love Forever 21, but I will say this.. Everytime, i go there & purchase an item, I Guarantee that I will find another chick rocking my outfit... That's the only problem I have with chain stores like FOREVER!!! BUT those are just my thoughts... And that wont stop me from hittin' up the store & it shouldn't stop you...SWAG that outfit up the best way possible to ensure you wont have an unknown twin bopping around town with your look!!

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