Tuesday, June 16, 2009


In honor of "Teen Spotlight Week" I would like to bring to light a group of teenagers that started an amazing clothing line...

Phorien Dutch/Dutchess is an urban Clothing line that was formed a little over a year ago By designers Donte Worrell aka "Mr. Dutch" Kayla Issacs aka "Kay-Lo"and Renoldo Skeete aka "Sneak"

A few days ago, I had the pleasure to interview "Mr Dutch" himself about his Funky,Fly & Fresh Clothing line... Only 18yrs old, this young entrepreneur is ready to place his stamp on the fashion scene...And ready for what the world has in store for him...

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Left to right: Kay-Lo, Mr Dutch, Sneak

: "Let's jump right into it, tell the people about your line & what the name symbolizes..

Mr Dutch: "
Our line is an urban clothing line and we market to everybody....the name Phorien in Phorien Dutch comes from the thought of just wanting to be different and having a style that's not like everyone else"....the p.h.o in Phorien comes from our logo which is the phoenix and its said to be that the phoenix is suppose to live for 500 years and die in its own flames and in three days it ressurects itself from its own ashes bursting into flames and starting a new life..And this is why our saying is "the rebirth of fashion" Phorien Dutch is the rebirth of fashion"..

TSHC: "What lead you & your team to design you own line"?

Mr Dutch: Phorien Dutch/Dutchess first began as a "get fresh crew" which is a crew of individuals like myself, with a unique sense of style & swag.. And from being noticed by so many we decided to design our own clothing line & gear our movement into a brand"..

TSHC: As a young teen designer what obstacles do you face?

Mr Dutch: "We face major competition within the fashion industry against the established designers..And other obstacles are just the haters which isn't really a big deal"..

TSHC: Is there anyone or anything that inspires you in your craft to design?

Mr Dutch: The person that inspires me to design on the business side is P.Diddy because he is a major entrepreneur... And on the fashion "art" side will have to be Ed Hardy because I appreciate his technique in design..
TSHC: When you're out & about obviously your rocking Phorien Dutch but what other labels do you have in your closet?

Mr Dutch: The labels that I have in my closet are Ed Hardy and D.C. clothing.. Those are my favorite designers at this time...

TSHC:How would you describe your personal Style?

Mr Dutch: My personal style is anything I feel comfortable in...However I don't have one set style..I'm just me...

TSHC: Can you offer any advice to future teen designers looking to launch their line?

Mr Dutch: Always stay original and true to yourself....And if you want some something go get it... "your dream"

For more details on Phorien Dutch/Dutchess please email

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