Wednesday, November 5, 2008


TSHC is honored & humbled by this historic Presidential Election... Were so delighted with OUR New President of the United States of America BARACK OBAMA..

As I anxiously watched the tube last night with admiration for the soon to be president.. I couldn't help to feel overjoyed with hope of possiblity that he could actually win this election.. & by a land slide Barack won graciously.. The most precious moments filled my heart as I watched all nationalities in tears for this MAN..Every word he spoke moved people & touched their hearts...And now I can look at my son & know the many opportunities he will have because of this monumental event..

And we, as Americans need to take heed to the message Barack delivered, of CHANGE.. 2008 defines the year of the new begining & the beginning of many more beginnings.. We all need to embrace these momentous moments & embrace them... And Although he's the 1st African American President, I believe he will surpass the color of his skin & lead us to a unifying nation...

Oh & Michelle, girllllll,,,,, you make a killa' FIRST LADY..

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