Thursday, October 9, 2008


It's October & I'm soooooo excited to finally break out my Suede Knee Boots & Denim Trench... Who can resist the cool fall breeze & the colored leaves...

A native New Yorker like myself I can appreciate this weather....It's absolutely FAB...

So Models, S&JSH has noticed on many photo shoots & fashion shows quite a few models don't bring along a well packed MODEL BAG.. Some may say.."What's a model bag, S.."??? Ok, Ok, let me be the first to tell you.. A model bag contains the basic necessities a model should have when going to a photo shoot, fashion show, casting call, dress rehearsal and any other fashion event..

This well stocked model bag will allow "YOU" as the model to become easier to work with and it will also convey professional qualities that may land you future gigs to come...

With that being said, I came up with a list of essential items that one should carry in their model bag.. Models, take notes!!!

1.Wardrobe- This should include a pair of jeans, a white tank top (a wife beater is good), a pair of black slacks, & a simple black cocktail dress.. Of course, this varies depending on the purpose and requirements the model needs for that particular photo shoot..

2. Shoes- For a photo shoot and or fashion show if shoes are not provided a model would need to have that basic black stiletto.. Models, please, please don't forget to bring that pump.. As you know, black is a common color and can be thrown on with anything.. Also, don't forget to include other funky Stompers you may have hidden in the back of your closet.. Variety can never hurt and choices are even better...

3.Undergarments - Always, Always, Always have a Nude, Black, & White Bra with matching underwear... & if you have a strapless bring that along too.. Please make sure they're clean!!! We don't need any embarrassing moments during fittings.. And let's not forget the nude pantyhose too!!


4.Hygiene Products- Strutting the Runway & posing for hundreds of frames can allow a model to become a bit Unsure.. so bringing along Sure items are your best bet..

~Clear, Unscented, Deodorant,
~Baby Wipes-BW are hygienic, so once you use them throw it away.
~Baby oil, or Oil Sheen-for that glossy body effect
~Tooth brush- keeping those jibs clean is always a must
~Razor-your body should be clean & smooth of any unwanted hair or nicks

5. Make-Up kit- Although, there may be a MUA on set, you still want to be prepared & carry a few make-up products for those "just in case moments" .. Because Things happen and you never know if that make-up artist may cancel..A few items include: Lip Balm or gloss, foundation, Bronzer, Mascara, Eyeshadow, make- up brush and any additional products you like..

make up

6.Portfolio & Comp Cards - Finally, this is the most IMPORTANT item that should be kept in your bag at all times.. Ports & Comps are a collection of a model's best, professionally produced photographs.This tool is how a model sells themselves... Never leave home with out it!!!!

Well guys, I think that's it.. I pretty much covered all the basic essentials for a model bag & I hope you took notes!!! Because if you want to land that next job.. You'll definitely have that Model Bag well packed.. See you at the next shoot!!


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Sworn2Honour said...

so true!

models should be thanking you for this!