Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Reality Review: Girlfriend Confidential LA

Sooooo I finally caught up with the new reality show on Oxygen, Girlfriend Confidential LA..  

The show features the life of four girlfriends living out their dreams in LA, chatting about boys, fashion, careers and (making it all the way on top..) ~quoted- Eva Marcille

The cast members includes Eva "the Diva" Marcille best know as "America's Next Top Model".. This chick of fab, & I absolutely love her style....

Then we have, Nikki Chu, a high profile designer who just rooted her company, Nikki Chu Designs.. She seems to have it all together and I love her cute Red Hot Bob!..

My Favorite is Kelly Marie Dunn, which happens to be a L.A. based Talent Manager with a ton of experience and holds a whole lot of grind in her bones.. Love her to pieces..

And finally, there's Denyce Lawton, an actress seen in several Tyler Perry Movies who is seeking that role to place her on the map to fame...

My Brief Review: The show was absolutely fabulous.. I love the fashion, I love the ladies and I'm curious to see how the show turns out.. BUT I must say, I was a bit disappointed with Eva's boyfriend and that Grill in his mouth... Yuck.. I didn't expect that coming from her but hey, whatever makes you happy I suppose...

Or how Denyce kept throwing the B bombs out there but I can't forget this IS reality t.v.,Right?!?

However, I love the grind between the ladies & it shows their hustling hard attitude without the crutch of a man... I see them making some noise in Reality T.V I wish them the best..

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Natalie Jenkins said...

I was surprised about Eva’s boyfriend as well, they seem to be an odd couple, but I guess opposites attract. I am in love with “Girlfriend Confidential: LA.” I will miss the rest of the season because of my new work schedule at Dish. I will try to stay current with the gossip about this show, and Eva’s ever changing looks. I pre-set my Hopper to record the rest of the season, and I won’t miss any of the drama since it holds over 2,000 hours of recording space. From the commercials there are several Eva “The Diva” looks I want to replicate.

Ashley said...

i love Girlfriend Confidential, but i dislike Denyse, she's kind of messing, when she caused that drama at Eva's dinner party, i didnt like that at all! found yal blog on www.bosschicks.com


Simone S. said...

Hey Ashley, Thanks for checking out my site.. I totally agree about Denyse.. She threw me off with the whole T.O outburst & at Eva's event.. But needless to say, I 'll be tuning in this week.. lol

Bosschicks.com gotta love them..

I checked out your blog super cute, much success..
Simone S..

Simone S. said...

Natalie, Thanks for the support.. dont work too hard love.. I also love Eva's ever changing looks.. the chick is fierce..