Wednesday, February 3, 2010

BEYONCE launches fragrance "HEAT"

My girl Bey launched her first fragrance line "Heat" on Tuesday night at Union Square.. Love the dress by the way... Her celebrity friends were in attendance & her little sister killed the turn tables...

The songtress is excited to get her new scent out to her fans..And I'm excited about how this chick gets money....The BeyoncĂ© Heat lineup includes eaux de parfum in three sizes — 1 oz. for $39; 1.7 oz. for $49, and 3.4 oz. for $59 — as well as a 6.8-oz. Gold Sparkling Body Lotion for $24.


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Juan Fernando said...

Beyonce should come up with wholesale distributors for perfume for her label so that a lot of folks can benefit from this new scent. I bet that would be fab!