Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Welcome to THE STYLE HOUSE CHRONICLES. I'm really excited about creating this blog & I hope many of my fellow aspired fashionistas enjoy this as much as I will.. This blog is strictly for those of you who absolutely love Fashion from all aspects..
And If you don't know too much about us please read the biography & you will gain more knowledge of our purpose.. So here we are, the first entry & I have a lot to share..

The Style House Chronicles captures the day & the life of an upcoming Wardrobe Stylist while encountering the trials we overcome & the lessons learned in this business.. My partner (Jess) & I formed S&J Style House because we wanted to make our mark in fashion.. It was time for us to stop sitting on our calling & start living out our dreams.. "Who wants to work a 9 to 5, sitting at a computer everyday, bored, day dreaming about what they really want to pursue"? "Not I said this Fashionista, awaiting to spread her wings into the Fashion World"!!.. So Jess & I (Simone, if your wondering who the narrator is) decided to make our dreams become reality! Stay tuned for what's in store for S&J Style House.. I hope this message will allow many to realize that dreams do come true & to never give up on your passion or goals... Just keep the faith and HE will prevail... Until next time...

S&J Style House

~Where Fashion Lives~


tentenfashions said...

Simone I'm very proud of you. You have so much talent and ambition that you have no choice but to succeed. I look forward to hearing more from Style House Chronicles....

My Fashion Frenzy said...

Welcome to the blog world! Can't wait to read some juicy stuff! xx

The love doc said...

YYYEESS!!!Girls!!!I Love It.The Site is Truley AMAZING!!!!I wish you Ladies Lots Of SUCCESSSS!!!!!I am going to thirsting for my daily dose of STYLEHOUSE CHRONICLES....Keep Leading The Way For All The Ones Who Doubt Themselves.
The LOve Doc~

MzJennine said...

Yayyy!!! Symone I will save to my favorites!!


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